Prime Protective Inc. is a Member of Several Professional Organizations

When the current CEO of Prime Protective Inc. took the lead of the company, he wanted to do all in his power to grow and expand the company. He was driven to create a strong and professional security service company that he and his employees could be proud of. Prime Protective Inc. is one of many security service companies, so to set the company apart, it had to prove its worth and also demonstrate the professional qualities of the company.

When people start shopping for a service, online is usually the first place they look. Prime Protective Inc. wants clients and potential clients to know the company is dedicated to quality security service and professionalism unparalleled by other security service firms. To demonstrate the superiority of Prime Protective Inc., the company has joined a number of professional organizations.

As a security service firm based in New York, the company had to be licensed through the state. Prime Protective Inc. is bonded and insured and has a license to operate under the New York State’s Watch, Guard, and Patrol Agency. The license involves a test and demonstrates the company’s working knowledge on security and the legal authority to provide professional security services.

As an American company, Prime Protective Inc. is also proud to have joined the Better Business Bureau. Joining the BBB means the company is unafraid to be rated by clients and is confident their rating will reflect the professional attitudes of the company. Additionally, Prime Protective Inc. joined the professional organization ASIS International. The organization is a professional organization for security professionals and issues a number of certifications, standards, and guidelines for the security industry and profession. Prime Protective Inc. is one of over 30,000 security members from over 125 countries. Each professional membership demonstrates the company’s dedication and commitment to professionalism and leadership.


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